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The Care Pod Health Plan

A Concierge Level of Service Lowers The Health Spend

Industry Leading Cost Control


Medical Trend

Delighted Plan Members


Net Promotor Score

This is the most advanced health plan available. It's  built around market leading Care Coordination and completely integrated with best in class components.  You can choose your own unique plan design and take a huge positive leap in employer healthcare. Not available from the general insurance market.

Data represents average results of entire book of Care Coordinator business including over 1 million plan members and is validated annually with formal reporting by a national actuarial firm.  Fix Healthcare provides this report at point of presentation.

Key Advantages of

The Care Pod Health Plan 

Care Coordination Completely Replaces Member Services

Everyone Receives a Concierge Level of Service

Medical Trend





Validated, big decrease.


6% industry average 2012-2016

8% industry average 2000-2016.  

Net Promoter Score

18 industry average. NPS is -100 to +100. Above 50 is excellent.  This means people love the Care Coordinators!








Cash Pay Pricing

Optional mode of payment to provider that produces savings of 30% to plan, allows plan member to share in savings. 

Reference Based Pricing Option

Find out how you can lower your claims cost for facility by 30% or more.

Pharma Rebates Go to Employer Plan

It's an industry secret, but your carrier receives about $20K per year per 100 employees in pharma rebates. And keeps it.  Not with our plan.

Number of Insurance Carriers Bidding

4-6 is common for fully insured. 

10-15 is common for self-funded.  We deliver 30 A rated carriers.



Renew Care Pod Health Plan, & Change JUST The Insurance Component to Lowest Bid

Keep your Plan, the Care Coordination, TPA, Network, Pharmacy Plan, etc. and capitalize on lowest insurance bid at renewal.

Consultant Fee 100% Transparent

Transparent fee @ point of sale, no back-end bonuses accepted, no undisclosed revenue.

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